This is our earth, and we are its people.


EarthPeople is a consulting and communications firm that helps organizations profit through branding, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and public relations strategies.  Since 2005, we've helped start-ups, non-profits, municipalities, and Fortune 500s strengthen brand equity, human capital, and environmental leadership.  We also equip clients and their stakeholders to conserve, innovate, and lead in the new economy.  The payoff is less waste, greater competitive advantage, and a better reputation.  Who says you can't do good and do well at the same time?


EarthPeople created a client storybook covering the journeys of 13 banks into sustainable energy finance for International Fiance Corporation, a division of The World Bank. Read about us for more case studies and client testimonials or download our brochure.


EarthPeople Media publishes books and content on sustainability and social innovation for personal and professional development. Our publishing platform also hosts the EPM Knowledge Exchange, a digital community of practice and source of independent journalism for a sustainable economy. To visit EarthPeople Media, click here.


EarthPeople designed and executed a comprehensive launch strategy for a provider of electric vehicle supply equipment.  Our consulting and communications activities helped establish brand recognition and earn the company international media coverage. For more case studies and client testimonials, read about us.


EarthPeople educates a broad range of audiences on sustainability and social innovation, frequently contributing to news outlets such as, Guardian Sustainable Business, Environmental Leader, Green Economy Post and Sustainable Brands.

Our services


Communications is an integral part of a successful sustainability strategy. EarthPeople offers clients services in branding, marketing strategy, public relations, stakeholder engagement and sustainability reporting.


EarthPeople’s consulting services address five key areas that constitute a Greener Workplace: people, facilities, operations, products and brand. We recognize that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. This journey begins with people. Our program IMPACT for Change Management™ equips employees and managers with leadership skills for sustained organizational transformation.


EarthPeople Publishing creates and promotes books for growing people. We support the development of readers through books on culture, social innovation, sustainability, and wiser living. We also support authors by helping them spread important ideas and emerging concepts to new audiences.


We believe that people are a renewable resource. EarthPeople places special emphasis on empowerment and education of human capital. We engage stakeholders at all levels through workshops covering the principles of sustainability, green branding and marketing, and leadership.