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Our Story

Anna Clark began her career as a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM.  For over a decade she built an impressive platform in management consulting, public relations, strategic marketing and sales.  But following the birth of her daughter, her concern over issues from habitat destruction to energy insecurity grew.

What kind of example did she want to set for her child?  Incapable of making a significant contribution in her present role, Anna explored ways to reconcile her passion for sustainability with her business acumen.  In 2005, her search for an answer developed into a personal mission to improve the world.

She identified a problem that needed a solution – and also represented a business opportunity.  Although Fortune 500 companies have much sustainability expertise on their side, fewer than 95% of companies have the resources to maintain such expertise on staff.  What if she could deliver top-quality services to any-size organization at affordable rates?  Anna set out to create a “down to earth” consulting and communications firm that could maximize value by minimizing costs.

Today, her company EarthPeople stands apart from other consulting firms in its emphasis on changing the world by empowering people - one workplace at a time.