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Certifications provide third-party verification of your sustainability commitments, indicating that your company has achieved a certain level of quality and transparency to valued stakeholders.  Certifications provide a baseline from which to track progress and document milestones.  They also offer a credible means for distinguishing your brand, as well as attracting LOHAS consumers, ethical investors, and top job candidates.

Currently there are over 150 green business and product certifications in the U.S.  EarthPeople has written articles and conducted research to assist you with the process.  For project support to fulfill requirements for certifications, we offer consulting on an hourly basis.  Several certification frameworks we have used include:

Greener Workplace

Greener Workplace™ is a consulting service providing your company support and guidance in the process of transforming a conventional workplace to a greener one, in accordance with our methodology. Clients that participate in this program will receive our partner badge for branding and marketing purposes.

The areas addressed by our Greener Workplace™ standard include:

  • Green team empowerment
  • Management training for sustainability leadership
  • Environmental education for employees
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Recycling and waste reduction
  • Water and resource conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Greener purchasing
  • Sustainable transportation

See Our Workplace for details on EarthPeople’s own application of Greener Workplace™ principles.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting is becoming a key differentiator in the global marketplace. For some companies, it is even a requirement to doing business.   EarthPeople can calculate your organization's emissions using standards such as The Carbon Disclosure Project and The Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We can also deliver customized, industry-appropriate strategies for evaluating and mitigating your ecological footprint.

IMPACT for Change Management™

EarthPeople’s “zero waste” approach to change management ensures that every step a client takes to improve its culture will also improve the bottom line.  Too often, cultural change initiatives produce lackluster results because they are unrealistic. EarthPeople teaches clients how to leverage the best parts from its people by bringing out the leader in everyone.  Our IMPACT for Change Management™ system offers a road map for sustained organizational transformation by meeting these objectives:

  1. Investigate. What are the challenges? Opportunities?
  2. Mobilize.  How can we rally stakeholders?
  3. Plan. What policies and procedures can we implement?
  4. Act.  How do we put the plan into motion?
  5. Communicate. How do we spread the word?
  6. Transform. How can we maximize the impact to the community, the bottom line, and ultimately your brand?

Plastic Disclosure

Plastic is an environmental pollution concern that increases risk, decreases profitability, turns off consumers, and turns away investors.  Grassroots organizations and municipalities are calling for the reduction, if not complete ban, of many plastics.  Measuring plastic use in your operations, manufacturing, transportation, and after-market waste is an opportunity to baseline your impact and improve your methods.   EarthPeople is the first US consultancy to partner with the Plastic Disclosure Project, equipping us with worldwide best practices to assess, disclose, and report your plastic impacts to enhance your organization's reputation and stature within your industry.