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IMPACT for Change Management™

EarthPeople’s “zero waste” approach to change management ensures that every step a client takes to improve its culture will also improve the bottom line.  Too often, cultural change initiatives produce lackluster results because they are unrealistic. EarthPeople teaches clients how to leverage the best parts from its people by bringing out the leader in everyone.  Our IMPACT for Change Management™ system offers a road map for sustained organizational transformation by meeting these objectives:

  1. Investigate. What are the challenges? Opportunities?
  2. Mobilize.  How can we rally stakeholders?
  3. Plan. What policies and procedures can we implement?
  4. Act.  How do we put the plan into motion?
  5. Communicate. How do we spread the word?
  6. Transform. How can we maximize the impact to the community, the bottom line, and ultimately your brand?