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Thinking people, leading people, just people...we are EarthPeople.

EarthPeople Media creates and promotes books and media for growing people. We support the development of readers through books related to culture, learning, social innovation, sustainability, and healthy living.  We also support authors by helping them spread important ideas and emerging concepts to new audiences.  We provide book advisory, packaging, and promotional services, with the benefit of expertise in social marketing designed by and for authors.

EarthPeople Media is growing out of a leading specialty communications enterprise.  We continue to stay ahead of new models to support aspiring and established authors, independent publishers, and 21st century readers.

About EarthPeople Media

EarthPeople Media is a division of EarthPeople, LLC, a sustainability communications firm founded in 2005. We offer an imprint of integrity for books that help readers adapt and flourish in a changing world. Our authors come from a range of disciplines but share in common the desire and ability to write quality books for growing people. EarthPeople is also a member of the Green Press Initiative, which means we meet GPI's environmental criteria and support their efforts to reduce the social and environmental impacts of book publishing.