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Common-Sense Sustainability

Common-Sense Sustainability: Smart Ways to Make a Difference offers an introduction to sustainability principles for work, home, and life.  In this popular keynote, Anna describes the journey from consumer to sustainer and equips participants to:

  • Define sustainability on an individual and organizational basis
  • Understand the economic benefits of sustainability
  • Appreciate energy challenges and the viability of alternative sources
  • Vote with their dollars and express their voice
  • Come away with an action plan for saving potentially thousands of dollars per year through simple conservation practices

Lean and Green

Lean and Green: Making Sustainability Work for Your Organization is a high-impact, short training session to help your people explore the opportunities that sustainability offers to save money and improve profits while enhancing your company's reputation.  This presentation also demonstrates cohesive, sensible, and profitable ways to incorporate environmental and social considerations into your organization's marketing platform. This approach works equally well for corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, and non-profits.  This session equips participants to:

  • Use resource conservation to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency and profits
  • Ignite grassroots support from employees and stakeholders
  • Leverage sustainability into an authentic public relations strategy
  • Capitalize on third-party certifications for branding and industry recognition
  • Avoid pitfalls and tripwires

Natural Grown Leader™

Why leave the world-changing to the few natural born leaders when you can become a natural grown leader instead?  When you learn the art of influence, the natural laws of leadership, and how to build a platform, you can unlock your potential to be influential.  Natural Grown Leader: Developing Your Potential to Be Influential equips participants to:

  • Learn success secrets from innate leaders
  • Leverage unique opportunities for your personality type
  • Take practical steps to find your voice and build a platform
  • Develop a personal leadership style that transcends position
  • Take immediate action for your next big idea