Hearing the words “solar power” most people visualize a set of panels in a field. Solar power appeared in electronics nearly 40 years ago. Just where else has solar technology been put that most of us did not notice. Has the technology developed any further?

Types of Solar Photovoltaics

Solar power mechanisms have remained in a constant state of innovation. Common types of solar cells list as monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. Recent years have seen the emergence of amorphous silicon and hybrid photovoltaic types. Many more types sit in research labs waiting for an application to pop up that will make someone money. No matter which type, the cells harvest sunshine either in light or heat form and convert it to electricity.

Solar Power in Technology

Solar Paneled Corporate – Technology companies have quietly and efficiently outfitted their buildings with solar panels or attached to a solar field. Apple joined the cause of solar power long ago, and as part of the company strategy, solar fields in Nevada powering data centers happened. Target beats Walmart’s in this area as far as solar panel installation. The telecom industry Verizon made a 140 million dollar solar investment in recent years. A competition between corporate has been going on for some time to see who can be the most solar powered.

Solar Paneled Electronics – Since the late 1970s solar paneled calculators have existed. Solar cells have entered our households. Solar cell phone chargers though a bit slower at charging than electrical outlets gives freedom to charge a phone anywhere. If the cubicle at the office does not have an outlet available, but a window, try a window solar battery charger. Solar wireless keyboards now exist from Logitech. Charge it up in the sunshine, and for three months in the dark, it will perform computer operations. Those of us living on the coasts have known for years for hurricane season-best options remain solar panel generators since gas can be hard to find.

Solar Lights – Rather than keep a set of batteries around try a solar-powered flashlight. It sits in the sun, often has a crank, and gives 2 to 3 hours of light without a recharge. Along the highways and byways of the nation steel stalks with quads of dark shiny solar cells have appeared providing light from the sun in strategic spots. Houston Texas put the panels on its parking meter machines.

Solar Plug- Plug it into your electrical outlet and this plug requests solar power from your electric provider with energy credits.

Change our world one kilowatt at a time. You have the solar power available to do it now. Markets respond to consumer demand. Demand solar power.