How Electricity Does and Does Not Prevent Pollution

March 3, 2019 Leave a comment Alternative Energy, Electric, Sustainable

Devices that run on electricity seem to produce less pollution to the environment. After all, there isn’t a smog of gas coming from an electrically powered vehicle. However, electricity must come from somewhere. This means that other resources need to be consumed in order to produce electricity. Power plants are the main sources around the world for producing electricity. However, power plants consume and burn up massive amounts of fossil fuel, coal, petroleum, and other natural resources to send out electricity. In this way, electric powered devices indirectly contribute to pollution, albeit, to a lesser extent than carbon-fueled devices. On a smaller scale, individual electric appliances do indeed cut down on pollution and are many times more energy efficient.

Thanks to advancements in technology, electricity has become a reliable way to power many machines. This extends from the industry to personal spaces. Many of our home appliances are powered by electricity. Take an electric pressure washer for example. The electric pressure washer generates a strong current to compress a fluid or gas in a short amount of time. The force that is generated from the washer wipes away grime and other stains. According to Catherine at TBEPW, an electric pressure washer may sometimes be more expensive than their conventional counterpart – and for good reason too.

The technology for electric powered devices is fairly new compared to devices that depend on mineral resources. Therefore, the methods by which electricity is harnessed is somewhat lagging behind. This may seem hard to believe, given all that has been accomplished through electrical resources. However, a technology that runs on natural minerals like coals and fossils have been used much longer than electricity. There are many ways to harness natural mineral energy. Not only that, but these methods tend to be simpler, and require less expensive facilities, thereby making natural mineral resources cheaper. Electricity, on the other hand, is much more dangerous and must be transmitted by the proper medium, conductive or insulating, depending on the need. 

Still, electrically powered devices do present a better alternative to burning coal, mostly because we have used less of it over the last century. The thing to consider is that electricity should be conserved because, like everything else on Earth, there is a limited supply. This means not leaving the lights on in the house or any other electric appliances that can be turned off. Not only will leaving on electric appliances result in an astronomical high electric bill, but it will have an effect on the environment as well. 

Electricity, as stated before, relies on other resources to be generated. The overconsumption of electricity will result in overconsumption of other natural resources. This will have a negative cascade on the environment. 

For one, the soil in the ground has a natural current that is necessary for all green life. This flow can be disrupted when nearby powerplants burn too many resources, which frequently happens as a result of major cities using too much electricity. 

Burning too many natural resources can lead to the production of acid rain. Acid rain is essentially the result of too many impurities like sulfur mix with the air. As the acid-air mixture rises to the sky, the clouds become heavy, so to speak. The particles are too heavy to remain very high in the atmosphere and therefore get deposited back to the ground as acid rain. This type of rain can cause massive amounts of property damage and other inconveniences. 

There are many things that can be done at an individual level to make sure that resources are conserved. Little things like turning off the Wi-Fi settings on our phones can help. This is because the surrounding networks don’t have to work as hard to provide signals. Buying high energy devices will ensure that little electricity is wasted. While society is moving towards electric powered technology, it’s best to start making good energy-saving habits now.